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With its simple silhouette and understated color scheme, this garden chime is the very essence of English charm. Wood-look pipes turn every breath of breeze into a soothing symphony! Specifications: Weight 1.8 lbs. Crafted by the arti..
Feathers, beads and faux leather trim add authentic Southwestern styling to this one-of-a-kind windchime! Hang this triple-heart decoration where it’s sure to be admired by all. Specifications: Item weight 0.1 lb. Feather; thin felt..
A bevy of butterflies creates a carefree carousel of color, as tinkling chimes turn the tiniest breeze into a merry tune. A splash of summer sparkle that’s lovely all year round! Specifications: Weight 0.1 lb. Acrylic and metal. 5..
A bevy of colorful hummingbirds bobs against a springtime sky, sunlight sparkling from every crystalline facet. The battery-powered base sets the color changing shimmering light in motion on even the calmest day. Specifications: Acrylic..
Colorful chime bedecked with bright acrylic celestial shapes is sure to be the “star” of your garden! Specification 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 24" high. ..
Simple yet elegant! The slightest breeze starts a gentle symphony. Specifications: Wood and aluminum. 3 1/2" diameter x 23 1/2" long. ..
At an impressive 57 inches long, this windchime is the fairest of them all! Long shining pipes produce the serene sound of church bells from even the merest breeze, filling the air with ever-changing song. Specifications: Weight 3.4 lbs..
A lacy fleur de lis design adds European elegance to this airy metal chime! Light enough to make delicate music from the merest breeze, this decoration is a tastefully tuneful delight. Specifications: Metal hook at top for hanging. We..
With its lilting song and graceful ornamentation, this hanging chime embodies the elegance of the Victorian age. A serene serenade for your outdoor living space! Specifications: Weight 1.8 lbs. Crafted by the artisans at Woodstock Chi..